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Candia Road Antiques News

Candia Road Antiques - Spool Beds - Mid Century Modern - Barrister Bookcases - Primitive - Industrial

We always have Great quality items coming into the shop

Searching far and wide all over New England and beyond for nice Hard to find pieces

This is just a sample of what is available, and remember if you don't see it ALWAYS ASK we may have something that hasn't made it to the floor yet.

Check out pics below for some new arrivals !

Mid Century Modern Twin Beds Matched pairantique jenny lind twin spool bedAntique Apothecary Cabinet woodFire extinguisher table floor lamp repurposed copper brassAntique Barrister sectional bookcase

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Candia Road Antiques - Unique New Finds In the Shop

You never know what unique great items are going to be in the shop.

For example, how about this turn of the century Antique advertising stoneware whiskey jug crock growler. From WM. White & Son Wholesale Straight Whiskey House 18-22 Amory St Manchester NH.

This is a rare find, and a nice historical local collectible item, of which are getting harder and harder to find.

This is just one example of the hundreds of items that are in and out of the shop all the time. So just stop on by, because that great unique item you are looking for, may be here one day and gone the next.

Scroll down to see pics...

manchester nh antique whiskey jugmanchester nh antique whiskey jug

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Candia Road Antiques - Vintage Retro Pollock Knoll Office Chairs - Roll Into Comfort

Just in here at the shop is a good quantity of Genuine Pollock Knoll office chairs.

Available in black leather, and blue wool tweed. Whatever the fabric, these chairs are truly comfortable, well designed, and extremly durable. Also adjustable height and tilt. What more could you ask for... comfort and retro style at the same time !

These are from the original owners, that set up their office in the 80's, and bought them new at that time. All chairs were gently used and well taken care of. The black leather ones were in the conference room, and were hardly used at all, and the blue ones were in spare offices. We never see these in this quantity, and in this Awesome Condition. What a great find !!!!

Stop by the shop and check them out, the quality, comfort, durability, and style cannot be matched in an off the shelf new chair today.

Come in to select your chair today, once their gone, their gone !

Scroll down to see some pics

pollock knoll chair

pollock knoll office chair

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Candia Road Antiques - Rocking chair clearance sale - Half off all Rockers

Here at the shop we are having a Rocking Chair Clearance Sale.

All wooden rockers are now 50 % off orginal price, no exclusions !

Sale will be going on until inventory is reduced.

All chairs are solid wood, nice and tight and sturdy.

Many different makers, as well as styles and sizes, big to small.

Come down while the gettin is good !

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Candia Road Antiques - Lounging in a Retro Danish Modern Style

Here is a fine example of a quality early retro piece of Danish modern furniture.

This chair is made of solid wood with quality wood joinery construction, and features the sleek but simplistic style of traditional danish modern furniture.

A piece like this would fit into not only modern decor furnishings, but also other traditional home decor settings.

A fine example of collectible Danish modern furniture that is not only nice to look at, but you can also be comfortable while physically using it. 

This is An ORIGINAL - designed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen 

France Daverkosen

in the 1950s and Made in Denmark 
Distributed by John Stuart Inc, New York 

Another fine example of the quality items avaailable at Candia Road Antiques.

Stop on by as you never know what will be in store.

scroll down to see pics

danish modern chair nh antique vintage storedanish modern denmark lounge chair, nh antiques vintage store france daverkosen lounge chair, nh antiques store

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Candia Road Antiques - Vintage Uranium Vaseline Depression Era Glass Back In Style - We Are Just Glowing About It

That's Right... Uranium and Vaseline Glassware form the depression era is coming back in style. People are beginning to re-embrace the simple beauty of a well crafted piece of glass. Although, it probably helps alot, that these pieces glow wildly under a UV Blacklight.

In the early days Uranium Oxide was put into glassware to give it that traditional light yellow vaseline color. This went very well for a while. When sales started to droop in the depression, Iron Oxide was added to the mix to give the glass a darker green color. Makers thought this would make glass more saleable, which it did. While both colors of the glass glow under the uv light as both contain the Uranium needed to accomplish this, the true light yellow colored vaseline glass is most sought after.

If you are out and about, shoppers for this once again collectible glass, will see the later green, and earlier lighter yellowish colored true vaseline glass called vaseline or uranium glass synonymously.

Also, as this glass has become popular again, there are many new pieces and modern reproductions of old patterns out there. This is ok if your looking for just a decorative piece or something nice to put under a blacklight display. But, if your looking to have a genuine collection be aware of these modern pieces. Try to deal with a reputable seller if your looking for true collectors pieces.

Oh Yeah... Don't worry, this glass is perfectly Safe to use for serving food. In case you were wondering, much modern and recent reasearch has been done on the safety.

Here at Candia Road Antiques we are thrilled that things are starting to come back around with glassware. Maybe this is a start of more and better things to come, in the antique and vintage glassware areas.... Hopefully !

Scroll down to see a selection of some old True Vaseline glass, Available at Candia Road Antiques in Manchester NH

nh antiques vaseline uranium glassnh antiques store vaseline uranuim depression glass

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Candia Road Antiques - Vintage Rotary Phones - A Mechanically Colorful way of Speaking - American Retro FUN

Here at Candia Road Antiques we have many ways for you to stay in contact.

Especially with these Vintage Rotary Dial desk top / table top Phones. These phones are ready for another half century of use. They surely don't build them like this anymore. Just try slamming down your smartphone after a stressful call !!!

Please Note : These are meant to be used in conjunction with other nice old things like a phone book, and paper and pencil.

These phones are ready to go, just plug in and enjoy.

As always, there is different inventory arriving daily, so you never know what you'll find Here in the Shop. Scroll down to see pics of cool phones !

rotary phoneblack rotary phonealmond rotary phone NH Antique vintagenh antiques vintage turquoise blue rotary dial phone

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Candia Road Antiques - Winter Fun With Vintage Snow shoe Furniture - Unique Find

Check out this Awesome Vintage Snow shoe Furniture, Table and arm chairs set. With rustic charm and elegance combined, this set would look just as great in a mountain or wilderness lodge, or in your living room or out on your porch.

This furniture was made by SnoCraft of Norway, Maine - circa 1970's

This company was renowned for making some of the best handmade snow shoes, and this set is made by the same handmade process. Very lightweight and durable, solid steam bent wood and rawhide.

This set is a perfect example of the unique items that are always coming and going here at the shop. Stop on by because you never know what you'll find.

vintage snow shoe furniture

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Candia Road Antiques - Jenny Lind Spool Beds - Pair Matching - Single Twins - Full and twin Headboards

We Have new arrivals of some great Jenny Lind Spool beds.

Very Hard to find a pair of matching twin size, but we have some. These won't last long. Sold as a pair only.

Also, 2 other twin size Jenny Lind, non matching, priced individually. Not Pictured

We even have a full Jenny Lind headboard, in a vintage shabby pink.

Also a twin Jenny Lind headboard, in a Shabby white.  Not Pictured

These Type of beds are getting more and more difficult to find. We are always searching high and low to find great items, and these beds NEVER last too long in the shop.

So if your interested in Jenny Lind style beds, or other unique items, make sure you stop by the shop. You never know how what will be in.

scroll to see some pics

pair jenny lind beds

jenny lind bed

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Candia Road Antiques - That Old Enamel Top Table - Vintage Very Retro - The Memories are FREE

Check Out this 1940's retro red and white with chrome legs, enamel top table.

This is an ALL ORIGINAL Tepco Table dated 9-18-41

By Italian Artist -- Pordenone Montanari 

This table is incredibly in excellent condition, and the extension leaf works great. Even still has the original side silverware drawer.

Are all the memories of sittng down back in the day, at a similar table flooding your mind.

They are certinly for me !

Before I could get this post up, this table SOLD as fast as we brought it in.

But, just wanted to share share the memory of one of these great tables, that were once very popular and still are. They are getting harder and harder to find.

Although this table has sold, we always have new arrivals coming in, so you never know what you'll find in the shop.retro enamel top table chrome legsenamel top table

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