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Month: 2016 04

Candia Road Antiques - Vintage Uranium Vaseline Depression Era Glass Back In Style - We Are Just Glowing About It

That's Right... Uranium and Vaseline Glassware form the depression era is coming back in style. People are beginning to re-embrace the simple beauty of a well crafted piece of glass. Although, it probably helps alot, that these pieces glow wildly under a UV Blacklight.

In the early days Uranium Oxide was put into glassware to give it that traditional light yellow vaseline color. This went very well for a while. When sales started to droop in the depression, Iron Oxide was added to the mix to give the glass a darker green color. Makers thought this would make glass more saleable, which it did. While both colors of the glass glow under the uv light as both contain the Uranium needed to accomplish this, the true light yellow colored vaseline glass is most sought after.

If you are out and about, shoppers for this once again collectible glass, will see the later green, and earlier lighter yellowish colored true vaseline glass called vaseline or uranium glass synonymously.

Also, as this glass has become popular again, there are many new pieces and modern reproductions of old patterns out there. This is ok if your looking for just a decorative piece or something nice to put under a blacklight display. But, if your looking to have a genuine collection be aware of these modern pieces. Try to deal with a reputable seller if your looking for true collectors pieces.

Oh Yeah... Don't worry, this glass is perfectly Safe to use for serving food. In case you were wondering, much modern and recent reasearch has been done on the safety.

Here at Candia Road Antiques we are thrilled that things are starting to come back around with glassware. Maybe this is a start of more and better things to come, in the antique and vintage glassware areas.... Hopefully !

Scroll down to see a selection of some old True Vaseline glass, Available at Candia Road Antiques in Manchester NH

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