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Candia Road Antiques - Vintage Retro Pollock Knoll Office Chairs - Roll Into Comfort

Written by: Kristopher K. on Sep 29, 2016

Just in here at the shop is a good quantity of Genuine Pollock Knoll office chairs.

Available in black leather, and blue wool tweed. Whatever the fabric, these chairs are truly comfortable, well designed, and extremly durable. Also adjustable height and tilt. What more could you ask for... comfort and retro style at the same time !

These are from the original owners, that set up their office in the 80's, and bought them new at that time. All chairs were gently used and well taken care of. The black leather ones were in the conference room, and were hardly used at all, and the blue ones were in spare offices. We never see these in this quantity, and in this Awesome Condition. What a great find !!!!

Stop by the shop and check them out, the quality, comfort, durability, and style cannot be matched in an off the shelf new chair today.

Come in to select your chair today, once their gone, their gone !

Scroll down to see some pics

pollock knoll chair

pollock knoll office chair

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